Private Lessons

Private lessons are the fastest way to skyrocket your dancing to the next level. Private instruction can supplement weekly group lessons for those looking to improve quickly in a short period of time, or can be a comfortable way for a beginner to learn the dance at their own pace. These lessons can be taken alone, with a partner, or in a small group. Together with friends, they also make a great anniversary or birthday gift for a couple or a small group of friends.

Tailored for you

These lessons are tailored just for you. The lesson plan for a family of six who want to have silly, no-stress fun would be different from the lesson for an experienced dancer who wants to get really good, really fast. The lesson for a first time dancer who wants to get a head start (and a boost of confidence) before starting group lessons is different from the lesson for a couple who both love to dance, but seem to always step on each other’s feet.

We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs and budget. Let us know you’re interested and and we’ll send you some options based on what you’re looking for.

30–90 min

We offer short and long lessons

1 teacher or 2

A single teacher, or a teaching couple

Single or Package

Once-off lesson or a package

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Hooray, you’re getting hitched!

Whether you have two left feet and stage fright or you are an experienced dancer, a few dance lessons can ensure that you have the perfect dance, with your perfect partner, on your perfect day.

If you envision slow dancing to a romantic classic, kicking your heels up Gatsby style, or anything in between, swing and charleston are easy to learn and thrilling to watch. We have a special love for working with couples on wedding dances, since all of us had swing band and swing first-dances at our own recent weddings. We remember the nerves and excitement.

We help you choose a song (if you don’t already have one), guide you in choosing a vision for your dance, and then help you get so comfortable with your dance that you can relax and enjoy it on your big day. Some couples want fully choreographed routines, from their first step on the floor until their final dip, and other couples want the swing skills to be able to have a spontaneous, made-in-the-moment dance.

Three ‘packages’ are outlined alongside, or a custom plan can be designed for you and your sweetheart. Swing and charleston group lessons are also a fun addition to wedding rehearsal dinners to get your guests ready to share the dance floor with you.

Our packages

Starter Kit:
Two 90-minute lessons to teach you the swing and charleston basics you need to dance with confidence to any swingin’ song you choose for your first dance.

Middle Ground:
Four 90-minute lessons, where you will learn swing and charleston basics and learn a flexible structure for your first dance so you can feel relaxed and comfortable dancing with all eyes on you.

The Whole Enchilada:
Six 90-minute lessons, where you will learn swing and charleston basics, song options and guidance on choosing the pefect tune (and tempo adjustment to make sure your dancing at the perfect speed), you will learn (and master!) personalized choreography to your specific wedding song.

Contact us for pricing, availability, and ‘first dance’ wedding song suggestions:

If you already have song ideas, let us know!