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Intro to Peabody and Shag: 23 Nov (Stellenbosch)

We are rounding out our Stellies swing workshops for 2019 with an extra special treat! We are thrilled to welcome back as a special guest instructor Danielle Ainsworth-Patrick from Cambridge Swing Dance, who is going to dazzle us with a workshop in not one, but two brilliant swing-adjacent dances that every Lindy Hopper should try at least once: Collegiate Shag and Peabody. These are both high-tempo dances that will let you survive around and above 300bpm!

The dances will be offered as two independent, back-to-back workshops:

1:00-2:00pm Intro to Peabody (1 hour)

2:15-4:15pm Intro to Collegiate Shag (2 hours)

And both are beginner friendly – no swing experience required!


About the dances
The Peabody is a ballroom dance that emerged in the ragtime era of the 1910s. The Peabody can be danced to a range of jazz music and as a precursor to the swing and jazz dancing of the 1920s, offers an interesting alternative to fast Lindy, Charleston, or Balboa. Get a glimpse of some Peabody mixed with Lindy at 5:15 here!

Collegiate Shag is a high-energy shuffling dance that originated alongside swing dancing in the 1930s. There are multiple variations of Shag, including Carolina and St. Louis Shag, but Danielle will be taking us through this classic variation. Check it out here!


Some notes about preparing for the workshop:

– No partner required
– Bring flats, sneakers or other soft shoes — NO high heels or sharp shoes
– Bring water and snacks (we will have breaks)
– Bookings are essential! We need a minimum of 10 bookings to hold the workshop (we will notify you the night before in the event that the workshop is postponed).

For further enquiries, contact the workshop instructor Sarah Boyd at


23 Nov 2019


1:00 pm - 4:15 pm




The Hot Yoga Studio
13 Andringa St, Stellenbosch
Sarah Boyd


Sarah Boyd
+27 78 804 3009
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