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Swing is, at its heart, a social dance, and our aim is to get you movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor from your very first class. Lindy hop, the grand-daddy of swing dances, involves improvisation, mixing rhythms and patterns with jazz movements and charleston. Our classes are designed to help you master and combine these aspects, and most of all, to feel the joy of this almost century-old dance.



Schedules and topics are subject to change at any time.

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are “tricky” – i.e. you should be comfortable with the basics before taking the class. If you’re not sure, ask one of our teachers.

Level 1 classes

Classes designed specifically for first time dancers with Boogie Back Dance Co. and those wanting to refine their fundamentals.

Starter Kit: This course covers the fundamentals of lindy hop that you’ll need to get on the social floor. We’ll follow the evolution of lindy hop out of the charleston, and equip you with the tools you need to take the rest of our Level 1 courses.

Kick It: In this course, we begin at the beginning, chronologically! Charleston was born in the 1920s and in our 4-week introductory series new dancers try out charleston basics. All of the dancing and music is up-beat and lively, and all of the patterns and tips you learn are perfect for the social dance floor.

Jazz It: Jazz dancing is the heart of what we do at Boogie Back, and this course is designed to have dancers turn up the fun on the dance floor. Dancing is just walking with rhythm and style, and in this course we’ll learn different rhythms and styles of walking that make up some core solo jazz vocabulary from the 1920s and 30s – we’ll also get comfortable dancing these steps with or without a partner.

Swing It Out: If you’re going to be a lindy hopper you’ve got to learn to swing out! This series gently introduces you to the most basic, and most beloved patterns in lindy hop. These skills are crucial for the social dance floor and you’ll have a blast learning this with your peers.

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P.S. Want free classes?
Once you’ve completed all four weeks of a Level 1 course, you are welcome to take the same course again, free of charge. We realise that it sometimes takes a few repeats to really consolidate the material in a course. And since our teachers rotate through the courses, you’ll get a different experience each time. Email us to opt in, and we’ll fill out a nifty little card for you so that you can keep track of your own progress. But don’t worry if you lose the card, we have the info on our system too!

Regular classes

Once you’re confidently social dancing the material from Level 1 – including basic charleston and solo jazz, swing outs and mixing footwork rhythms – you are welcome to join our regular classes, where you’ll get to widen your dance vocabulary and improve your partnership, connection and musicality.

“Tricky” classes

Classes that are marked “tricky” will require familiarity with the relevant style or aspect of the dance. For example, a “tricky” charleston class will necessitate being comfortable with charleston on the social floor. Most people will need to have been swing dancing for anywhere between 6 months to a year (or two!). You can expect a brisk pace and fun challenges!

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