Class Descriptions

Getting Started

Swing is, at its heart, a social dance, and our aim is to get you movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor from your very first class. Lindy hop, the grand-daddy of swing dances, involves improvisation, mixing rhythms and patterns with jazz movements and charleston. Our classes are designed to help you master and combine these aspects, and most of all, to feel the joy of this almost century-old dance.

For your first class with us, aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign in, as we can get quite busy. To help make our classes delightful for everyone you’ll be dancing with, try to squeeze in a shower before coming to class (or wear a fresh change of clothes and some deodorant); and take a minute to brush your teeth before class (and bring breath mints to stay fresh after hours of dancing). Read our Dance Etiquette guidelines and learn how to be an awesome human on the dance floor, and check out our FAQ page.

Starter Kit

Our 4-week Starter Kit course covers the fundamentals of lindy hop that you’ll need to get on the social floor. We’ll follow the evolution of lindy hop out of the charleston, and equip you with the tools you need to take the rest of our Level 1 courses.


Dance in a Day

First-time lindy hoppers are invited to join us for Dance in a Day, a special 3-hour crash course in swing dancing which covers the same content as our 4-week Starter Kit course. This is a great way to learn all of the fundamentals of lindy hop in one go and be dance floor-ready by the end!

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Level 1 courses

Once you’ve taken our Starter Kit at least once and you’re comfortable social dancing the content, it’s time to take the next three Level 1 courses: Jazz It, Kick It and Swing It Out – they can be taken in any order!

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Join the Community

Swing Dance Anytime  is a WhatsApp group where we post announcements about classes and social dancing —and if anyone organises an impromptu night out, this is the space where it gets announced. Contact us to join.

Boogie Back Max  is a Facebook group for the Boogie Back community where you can share class recaps and video inspiration, connect with other Boogie Back dancers, and more. Join here. (Only regular Boogie Back dancers will be approved.)

Cape Town Swing  is a non-profit community group that organises parties, socials, outdoor dancing, Mother City Hop, a swing DJ group, and lots more. Here’s their Facebook group, and here’s their website.