Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need to bring a partner. Students rotate partners throughout the class so you get a chance to dance with everyone.
If you’re uncomfortable rotating to other dancers, you’re welcome to take the class dancing only with your partner.
You’ll be (physically) close to a lot of people throughout the night. Sweaty clothes, bad breath or body odour of a partner can make it hard for a dancer to enjoy a dance. The space is air conditioned but still heats up! Dancing with other people when you’re a bit sweaty or they’re a bit sweaty is just part of dancing. However, your partner may find it uncomfortable if your clothing gets damp from sweat, or if your bare shoulder or arm is wet to the touch. Considerate dancers bring a change of clothes (or even two or three) and change when they work up a sweat. Dancers also brush their teeth before leaving the house, bring chewing gum or breath mints, and avoid certain foods before a dance.
Absolute beginners are our specialty! If you can walk, you can dance the charleston. And if you can charleston, you can lindy hop! The charleston is patterned after a simple walking motion and is an intuitive dance, even for the rhythmically challenged. Our class pace is quite gentle at Level 1, and our teachers will take a few minutes during our after class to help you if you if you are challenged by a particular piece of the puzzle.
If you’ve taken lindy hop classes elsewhere for several months, you could probably do just fine in our Level 2 classes. This would mean you are comfortable with swingouts, charleston, basic 6-count and 8-count patterns like send-outs, tuck-turns, etc.

If you’re experienced in another form of partnered dancing, we recommend that you take our Level 1 courses, as lindy hop is distinct in its movement, body position and partnership  from other dances. We’re committed to all of our dancers having great fundamentals before progressing to intermediate level classes.

Any shoes in which you are comfortable dancing and spinning. Flat soled sneakers are what most dancers wear, but others prefer shoes with a slicker sole and some prefer dancing with a heel. If you’re not sure, bring a couple options!
We social dance every Tuesday night after classes until 9:30pm, and that’s a great place to practice your new grooves. Cape Town Swing hosts swing dance parties and outdoor social dances. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date!
Our Tuesday classes are at Youngblood Africa, 70-72 Bree St.
There is usually plenty of street parking available on Bree near Youngblood. If you would like someone to walk you to your car after class, don’t hesitate to ask one of the teachers!
You are welcome to join any of our courses in week 1 or 2. Because the material progresses, dancers may not join a new course in week 3 or 4. You may also join any class that is labeled “drop in”.
We teach lindy hop. Our courses focus on different aspects of the dance, including the core rhythms and patterns, solo jazz, charleston and blues dancing.
We don’t want financial restraints from keeping anyone from learning swing who’s got the itch! We offer free lessons through our Pay It Forward programme – please contact us to inquire if we have a class available for you. Social dancing is also a great way to learn to dance, and Cape Town Swing organises social events, many of which are free.