Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

There are Level 1 classes on Tuesdays at Youngblood (in the city bowl), Thursdays in Rosebank, and on Tuesdays in Stellenbosch. Check the class schedules to see when the next course begins, or when drop-in classes are scheduled.

The third hour (8:30 – 9:30) on Tuesdays in the CBD is for social dancing, and this is where the real fun happens, so be sure to stick around after class! If you are only taking a class the first hour, grab a bite somewhere delicious on Bree and then return for social dancing afterwards!

LEVEL 1: Introduction to Lindy Hop

Classes designed specifically for first time dancers with Boogie Back Dance Co. and those wanting to refine their fundamentals.

This course covers the fundamentals of lindy hop that you’ll need to get on the social floor. We’ll follow the evolution of lindy hop out of the charleston, and equip you with the tools you need to take the rest of our Level 1 courses.
In this course, we begin at the beginning, chronologically! Charleston was born in the 1920s and in our 4-week introductory series new dancers try out charleston basics. All of the dancing and music is up-beat and lively, and all of the patterns and tips you learn are perfect for the social dance floor.
Jazz dancing is the heart of what we do at Boogie Back, and this course is designed to have dancers turn up the fun on the dance floor. We learn silly, swanky and sultry solo jazz moves from the 1920s and 30s over the month of classes, getting comfortable dancing these authentic steps with or without a partner .
if you’re going to be a lindy hopper you’ve got to learn to swing out! This series gently introduces you to the most basic, and most beloved patterns in lindy hop. These skills are crucial for the social dance floor and you’ll have a blast learning this with your peers.
You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into learning lindy hop if you’ve made it to here – and we want to celebrate you and your hard work, and prepare you for what’s next in this special ‘Level Up’ course. We’ll consolidate and review the most important things you’ve learned in the previous courses, and give you the tips you need for your first Level 2 course! The ‘Level Up’ course is also ideal for more advanced dancers looking to perfect their basics, or improve their ‘other role’.

LEVEL 2: Beginner

Requires completion of Level 1 courses

Once you’ve been dancing for a few months in Level 1 courses, you’re going to start itching for more… A sure sign that you’re ready for Level 2 courses is when you are confident social dancing the material in all four of the Level 1 courses.

Our Level 2 ‘Essentials’ course eases you into your new lindy level by introducing you to concepts that will bring ease, grace and joy to your existing dancing. Your partnership and expression will improve and you’ll see results on the social dance floor.
We have a passion for swing outs, and in this course we dive in deeper! You’ve already got the basic lindy patterns down, and now we turn our attention to improved connection and momentum, and infuse your dancing with even more of ‘that lindy feeling’.
Lindy Hop is a reaction to and reflection of the music. In this Level 2 musicality class, we introduce you to concepts, exercises and loads of social dancing to help you connect to the music, be inspired by it, and express yourself!
We kick it into gear in this course, building on the Charleston basics you learned in Level 1. We’ll add crucial elements to your dancing with new patterns and positions, and make sure you are confident transitioning between different types of charleston (and non-charleston swing).
In Classic Routines, we’ll learn authentic choreographed dances from the 20s-40s! This will build a new ‘choreo’ muscle for you. The classes are always fun and the end result when we finish learning a routine is so satisfying!
Special Classes include topics like Swing Rueda, Blues, Balboa classes from visiting instructors
It’s time to Level Up again! In this series we review the most important concepts and patterns taught in our Level 2 courses, sending you into Level 3 with confidence and enthusiasm.

LEVEL 3: Intermediate

Requires completion of Level 2 courses

Level 3 is for dancers who are no longer being challenged by the Level 2 material and would like to delve deeper into lindy hop.

Welcome to Level 3! You’ve swung out a lot of times to get here and you deserve it. In this course we ease you into Level 3 by refining your basics, trouble-shooting any weak areas of your dancing, and introducing you to some of the higher level concepts that are explored in the Level 3 classes.
Here is where things start to get REALLY good! You’ve worked hard on your dancing and may feel your ‘basics’ are set. Trust us, after these four weeks you won’t recognize your swing outs! Both because your lindy basics will significantly improve, but also because you will gain confidence and skills trying out rhythmic and styling variations in your social dance.
At this point in your dancing, you understand basic concepts of musicality, and you are confident in your dancing. These are the perfect conditions for Level 3 Musicality! You will finish these 4 weeks experiencing a greater connection to the music you are dancing to, more playful and musical conversations with your partners, and more fearless self expression on the dance floor.
This charleston course introduces you to fun variations, fancy footwork, improved partnership and connection, musicality, and pushing your charelston tempos up a notch.
In Level 3 Classic Routines, we will move at a brisk pace through legendary partnered and solo routines such as the California Routine, Tranky Doo and Lindy Chorus. A great team builder and a heck of a fun time!

LEVEL 4: Intermediate-Advanced

By invitation only

This level is for our most experienced dancers at Boogie Back – expect to dig deep and work hard. These classes are not in a fixed course structure, but will be offered but cover modules on musicality, improvisation, fast dancing, hard choreographies, solid partnership as well as more technical skills like spins, slides and stops. This is a space where dancers can really work on finding their individual voice in the dance and take their skills to the next level.