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Add some vintage flair to your event: a swing dance lesson for all ages, or a dance performance, or both!

Vintage Dance Lesson:
A swing dance or charleston lesson could be a fun and quirky addition to any event you are planning. Group dance lessons can be taught with a partner or dancing ‘solo’. During the lesson, your guests are likely to laugh and be merry as much as they dance. The lesson would be tailored made for your event, and the steps are easy to learn and hard to forget!

Dance Performance:
Our dancers are also available to hire for partnered or group solo performances. With a repertoire of vintage solo and partnered routines we could add some razzle to your evening or just get the dance floor grooving and take your guests for a whirl.

Custom package:
Whatever the event, we can customise a package for you, be it:

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate launches and industry events
  • Home or office holiday parties
  • Weddings and anniversary parties
  • Bar and bat mitzvah
  • 21st celebrations
  • G-rated hen parties
  • Music, food and wine festivals
  • Vintage themed events

Help us tailor something for your special event!

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e.g. end of year bash, team building, launch celebration

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