Alive and Kicking: one night only

Muriel ArgentBlog

Winter in Cape Town means rainy evenings, cosy fires and… movie nights! If you’ve caught the swing bug, check out this brand new movie about the modern lindy hop scene, at Cape Town Swing’s showing of the film on July 8. Especially exciting about this documentary is that it features Emelie and Rebecka DecaVita, two pro lindy hoppers Cape Town dancers know well after their month-long residency with us in 2015.

We haven’t seen it yet, but there are rave reviews about the film:

“With its acrobatic zest, swing dancing was a perfect expression of defiant resilience during the Great Depression. For contemporary enthusiasts, it’s an antidote to the emotional disconnect of the so-called connected age. Swing buff Susan Glatzer, a film executive turned director, makes these points in her first documentary, “Alive and Kicking,” without pushing them; she lets the dancers’ ecstatic moves do most of the talking, and they’re persuasive.”LA Times
“Offering likeable characters and some killer footage of couples throwing each other around at high speed without mussing their hair, the documentary will please at fests and on TV while likely nudging more than a few sedentary viewers to go find dancing shoes of their own.”Hollywood Reporter

Cape Town Swing is hosting a once-off screening of the movie at The Labia Theatre on Orange St, on Saturday 8 July at 6pm. Book your tickets and share the event with your friends! They might just be tempted to start dancing after seeing this…