Ooh La Lindy

Choreography project · Performances: 15-16 September 2017

Oooh la la! We (the Boogie Back teachers and students) are learning a piece of choreography to perform at a show on 15 & 16 September. And we’re hoping you’ll be part of it! Got questions? We have answers to all of your questions below, in the FAQ section.

There will be two choreography ‘teams’:
• Level 1 (anyone can join, even new dancers!)
• Level 3 (by invitation)

Rehearsals will take place on the following dates:
• Friday 4 August, 5-7pm (Kloof St church hall)
• Friday 18 August, 5-7pm (Kloof St church hall)
• Friday 1 September, 6:30-8:30pm (Cape Ballet Centre)
• Saturday 2 September, 4-6pm (Kloof St church hall)
• Sunday 9 September, 3-5pm (Kloof St church hall)
Please let us know if there are specific rehearsals that you’re not able to attend, due to prior commitments.

The show times are as follows:
• Friday 15 September, 7pm
• Saturday 16 September, 2pm
• Saturday 16 September, 6pm

In order to participate in the show, you’ll need to be available on 15 & 16 September, and able to commit to attending at least 80% of all classes and rehearsals. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to indicate your commitment.

Here’s the song we’re using:

Zooming at the Zombie by Hot Sugar Band


Let us know if you’re keen to be in the show, and able to commit to classes and rehearsals, by completing the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Cape Ballet Centre’s biannual showcase – celebrating their 10th birthday. We’ve been invited to perform a lindy hop piece in one of the scenes. The theme of the show is “The Seasons” and our lindy hop scene is taking place in a Paris street, during spring/summer.
September 15-16
Of course! If you’re in the show, your friends and family are welcome to buy tickets to watch it – we’ll let you know as soon as they go on sale. If you’re not performing, it’ll be great to have your support form the audience!
• 3 one-hour choreo classes with Jeannie
• 3 one-hour choreo classes with Brendan and Muriel
• 1 two-hour choreo class with Sarah
• One 6-week course at 6:30pm starting Tuesday June 27.
• Multiple rehearsals in the weeks before the show, and one dress rehearsal.
• The cost of the classes and workshop (regular prices)
• The cost of rehearsals (R40 per person for a two hour rehearsal)
• The cost of your costume (TBD but we will keep costs as low as possible)
Yes, they may join Level 1.
You should join the level 1 team – it will include dancers who have joined level 2 in the last 6 months.
Zoomin’ at the Zombie (Hot Sugar Band)
Only sometimes, we will work on the choreo and practice to other songs.
We’ve worked on choreography before, and performed and swing dances, but we think this will be a fun and bigger goal to work towards, great team/community building. (The ballet dancers are also paying to perform in this show.)