Class and Level Descriptions

There are Level 1 classes on Tuesdays in the CBD, Thursdays in Rosebank, and on Tuesdays in Stellenbosch. Check the class schedules to see when the next course begins, or when drop-in classes are scheduled.

The third hour (8:30 – 9:30) on Tuesdays in the CBD is for social dancing, and this is where the real fun happens, so be sure to stick around after class! If you are only taking a class the first hour, grab a bite somewhere delicious on Bree and then return for social dancing afterwards!

Class descriptions

Each of our Level 1 courses focuses on a different aspect of lindy hop, to give you the foundations you need to have the best fun on the social dance floor. The courses can be taken in any order and require no previous experience. No partner is needed for any of the classes. Because our courses are progressive, dancers are invited to begin in the first week. If you happen to miss the first week, it is still possible to join in week 2, but not in later weeks – to ensure the class can move on to exciting new material. We require all first-timers at Boogie Back to start with our Level 1 courses.

Rhythm Basics  introduces the most common rhythms that form a basis for the dance. In this course you will learn how to connect with your partner, move to the music, and communicate different rhythms. These core skills are essential to having fun and freedom on the dance floor. The material covered will vary and it’s normal to take this course more than once to meet new people, master the basics, and learn new material at a speed perfect for new dancers.

Kick It takes us back to the roots of lindy hop and its 1920s precursor, the charleston. Generally danced to more upbeat, higher-tempo swing music, this exuberant dance evolved into (and was later absorbed by) the lindy hop. This course teaches similar concepts to those in “Lindy Hop with Rhythm”, but within the framework of classic charleston movements. A favourite of many of our dancers, this course will have you kickin’ it on the dance floor in no time.

Jazz It connects you to another element of lindy hop, and perhaps the most fundamental – vernacular jazz! In this course you’ll learn to dance with a partner, drawing inspiration from the funky solo moves of the 1930s including the Suzi Q, Peckin’, Crazy Legs, Apple Jacks, Break-a-Leg, Rusty-Dusty, Ride the Pony, and of course, Boogie Backs! You’ll learn how to do these vintage dance moves alone as well as incorporate them into your partnered dancing. This course is never short on laughs as you and your partner imitate animals and pretend to be itchy. (We promise, these are real dance moves!)

Swing It Out teaches one of the most fundamental and distinctive figures in lindy hop, the swing out. In this course we dig into these exciting moves and explore the key components of rhythm and connection. Starting with the basic building blocks of single steps and the essentials of dancing with a partner, this is a great course to kick start your dancing.

LEVEL 1: Digging the Basics

Classes designed specifically for first time dancers with Boogie Back Dance Co. and those wanting to refine their fundamentals.

Our Level 1 courses are all designed for first-time dancers, and can be taken in any order. Each course introduces dancers to the basics of partnering, moving to the music, and some simple (but addictive!) rhythms. We also offer drop-in classes that are stand-alone. We stagger course dates to ensure that each night there will be at least one class that is suitable for your level.

LEVEL 2: Stepping Up

Requires completion of Level 1 courses

Once you’ve been dancing for a few months in Level 1 courses, you’re going to start itching for more… more challenging material in classes, and more complex patterns. Another sign that you’re ready for Level 2 courses is when you are confident dancing the material in all four of the Level 1 courses when you social dance.

Level 2 builds on Level 1 content, exploring more rhythms and more complex movements and improving communication with partners. We pick up the tempo of the music and expand our vocabulary of movements. These things make social dancing a blast – giving you more to to do on the dance floor, and more songs that you feel confident dancing to. Level 2 classes will be in themed blocks that focus on particular skills. These are all stand-alone classes and drop-ins are welcome.

LEVEL 3: Finding Your Groove

By invitation only

Level 3 is for dancers who are no longer being challenged by the Level 2 material and would like to delve deeper into lindy hop. These classes are not in a fixed course structure, but cover modules on musicality, improvisation, creativity and partnership as well as more technical skills like spins, slides and stops. This is a space where dancers can really work on finding their individual voice in the dance and take their skills to the next level.